Big Foot


Major David Graham, a Civil War hero, is the celebrated past owner of this majestic home and its surrounding hills and forests. From the finely detailed scroll work staircase to the beautiful huge wooden doors, this 25-room home was clearly built on sophistication and refinement. Legend has it that Confederate officers   actua lly held secret meetings in the third floor attic, plotting battle strategies against the Yankees. Always a commanding presence, the mansion is said to still hold some horrible secrets. With these secrets come unsettled spirits from the past trying to find rest from their dark memories. Over the centuries the Major Graham Mansion seems to have hosted everything from the macabre to the eccentric. More than one person has come away experiencing strange phenomenon while being inside the mansion. From murderous slaves, to Civil War heroes, to the creation of an empire, the Major Graham Mansion holds a vast amount of local lore, paranormal data, and historical accounts to interest any history buff.